Justice and Communities Research Unit

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The Justice and Communities Research Unit (JACRU) promotes and develops research within the Faculty of Arts, Law and Social Sciences around the broad themes of justice (criminal, legal and social) and communities (local, national and diasporic). We build on existing Faculty expertise and interests in the following areas:

  • Human rights, land rights, and consumer rights with a particular emphasis on minority rights
  • Cross-European and comparative criminal justice issues e.g. prisons, fraud, human trafficking, child protection
  • Migration and minorities
  • Public services, equality, diversity and community engagement

The development of public policy at European level and below increasingly addresses needs of local communities, citizen involvement and the relation between communities and the justice system. Anglia Ruskin is committed to serve its region and address issues of social inclusion and exclusion. Our collective activities have an applied focus related to the public sector, learning and teaching, and professional practice. We develop work that is cross-disciplinary, trans-national (eg comparative studies of EU countries and accession states), cross-cultural (eg treatment of ethnic/racial groups within government and society) and integrative (eg European cross-border and harmonisation issues, and rights-based approaches to community problems).


Funded research

Past externally funded projects have included:

Six Gypsy/Traveller Accommodation Assessments for groups of local authorities, prepared under the Housing Act 2004 European Commission funded research on court services and fraud.


These can be found on individual contributors' profile pages.

Postgraduate research

Existing research topics for higher degrees in HSS and Law include:

  • Islamic land law in the Middle East
  • Equality promotion in sports regulation
  • Equality issues in the Fire Service

Staff contributors

Dr David Skinner (Sociology and Public Service)

  • The politics of racial and ethnic categories
  • Public services, equality and cultural diversity and community engagement
  • Race, racism and higher education

Andrew Gilbert (Anglia Law School)

  • Family law and policy

Professor Rob Home (Anglia Law School)

  • Widely published in area of land management internationally
  • Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessments for local authorities
  • Edited book on Demystifying the Mystery of Capital: Land Titling in Africa and Caribbean
  • Recent overseas consultancies in Botswana, Trinidad, Zambia and Macedonia

Dr Anna Markovska (Criminology)

  • Financial crime in emerging nations
  • Human trafficking
  • Comparative criminal justice

Colleen Moore (Criminology)

  • Youth justice
  • Punishment and justice

Dr Tristan Moyle (Philosophy)

  • International rights and justice

John O'Leary (Anglia Law School)

  • Diversity in sport

Dr Sebastian Rasinger (Languages and Intercultural Communication)

  • Language, community and migration

Professor Guido Rings (Languages and Intercultural Communication)

  • Culture, cultural racism and diaspora

Professor Bronwen Walter (Sociology)

  • Irish diaspora
  • Discrimination and disadvantage experienced by the Irish in Britain
  • Religion, community and ethnicity