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Our students speak highly of their experience studying with us. Please select an area of study:

English Language and Intercultural Communication - English, Writing & Publishing - Film and Media

English Language and Intercultural Communication

“To be accepted by two conferences as a speaker was not something I expected before I started this course. When I look back at my studies in the last two years, what I clearly see is that I would not be able to come to this point without the knowledge the course has given me and without my supervisor’s help and feedback. Choosing this course was one of the best decisions I took for my career. Because the staff were so competent in their field I did not have any limitations or rejections for the topics I chose to work on, and with each assignment I was fed with the guidance and information I needed from my course leader throughout the writing process.” 
Burcu, MA Applied Linguistics and TESOL

“I have had Professor Guido Rings as a supervisor first for my MA and then for my PhD. I can’t praise him enough for the support he has offered me and I would never have embarked on my PhD were it not for his encouragement. Whenever I have presented him with a piece of work, I have particularly valued his feedback which encourages me to clarify my thinking in a positive way. He is always prepared to listen and show respect for my point of view.”
Marie-France, MA Intercultural Communication and PhD English Language and Intercultural Communication 

“I now teach English in an elementary school in Seoul, Korea, which I hope will lead to a teaching position in a university. Being in a classroom with many different nationalities was a good way of studying intercultural communication from both a hands-on and theoretical perspective.”
Jason, MA Intercultural Communication

English, Writing and Publishing

“Signing up for the Writing and Film Studies course has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My initial motivation was to master the art of screenwriting but I have learnt so much more and made some great friendships and contacts since then. With its diverse programme of modules, the course allowed me to tailor my degree to what best suited my ambitions and, in so doing, I gained an understanding of writing in both the film and literary industries. My skills as a writer have improved dramatically since starting, and as a result, so has my confidence.”
Hannah, BA (Hons) Writing and Film Studies

“The writing strand of the course has made me think of myself as a writer, rather than just someone who writes. It has allowed me to explore, make mistakes, do work outside the course and most importantly, have fun. With people like the Royal Literary Fellow, there are opportunities which open up your world outside of the university. Whilst studying you’ll find many contacts (not just on your course) who will be helpful in finding jobs and employment. Along with that the course gets you used to displaying your work, taking feedback and re-writing: vital skills in any creative post.”
James, BA (Hons) Writing and English Literature

“We have covered literature across the entire spectrum of history, from Beowulf right up to modern short story writers, with a varied and engaging reading list that has often led me far deeper into an author’s work than I would ever have thought possible. With an excellent staff of expert lecturers and some very enthusiastic peers, coming to this university was the best choice I could have made. From here I hope to go into the field of teaching, to pass on some of the passion and knowledge that I have received in my time at Anglia Ruskin.” 
Alexander, BA (Hons) English Literature

“Studying English Literature at university is both challenging and enjoyable. At Anglia Ruskin we are encouraged to engage with an array of different texts ranging from well-known classics to the more obscure. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about authors and certain genres that I previously knew very little about. On the other hand, returning to texts that I had studied prior to university has proved to be equally as rewarding because it has allowed me to understand and consider them in a way I had not done before.” 
Sophie, BA (Hons) English Literature

“The MA in English was a really stimulating course, offering both reasonable breadth in covering different periods and the opportunity to choose a narrower focus for in-depth study in the final dissertation. Both these features had their own pleasures: it was interesting and motivating to read and engage with new approaches to literary studies for discussion in seminars, and the dissertation writing, though considerably less sociable, was a welcome challenge that allowed for personal and academic growth. The staff at Anglia Ruskin are very friendly and helpful, and the library is great.”
Mandy, MA English Literature

“I wouldn’t be where I am now if I had not done the Publishing MA. I tried to apply for publishing jobs in the US, but couldn’t even make it to the interview stage. With the help of this course, I learned so much about the field. I was able to secure internships, one of which led to a job at an internationally-recognised publishing company. I am now very happy in my job and have no doubt I will be able to find publishing work on either side of the Atlantic.”
Mary, MA Publishing

“The MA Creative Writing was pivotal to my development as an early career writer. It provided me with a core set of skills on which to build, and feedback to refine my work. More than that, it gave me confidence, and helped set me on my way. Since graduating, I was accepted onto the Escalator mentoring scheme at Writers’ Centre Norwich, and my first novel has just sold to publishers in the UK and Germany.”
Guinevere, MA Creative Writing

Film and Media

“I decided to apply for a bachelor in Media Studies at Anglia Ruskin University after reading about what I thought would be a very interesting and relevant course. Today I am convinced that I made the right decision two years ago. I have truly enjoyed most of the modules, and I feel that many of them are highly relevant for what I want to do when I finish my degree. When I have needed assistance the teachers have been very helpful.”
Ingrid, BA (Hons) Media Studies

“Studying at Anglia Ruskin has given me not only great facilities, lectures, teachers and friends, but also great opportunities. The film department were always willing to help out and I would always get  some invaluable experiences thrown my way. One such opportunity came at the end of my final semester, when local filmmakers approached the university to find crew for their latest project… an independent feature called Dimensions. Through the aid and recommendation of the film department, I was given the opportunity to work on it as a camera operator.”
Alex, BA (Hons) Film Studies

“During my time at Anglia Ruskin I made a number of short films. One of the main challenges that a first-time filmmaker faces is ‘how do I show my work?’ In my situation it was very important to stay in contact with my university tutors who provided me with information about student festivals and screenings. Moreover, I greatly appreciate their initiative in organising film screenings at the Arts Picturehouse cinema, a rare opportunity for students to show their films on a big screen to the  general public. My films have been screened in Cambridge, Sheffield, London and Canterbury, and happened to be among the best works twice.”
Artiom, BA (Hons) Film Studies

“I thoroughly enjoyed implementing my own extra-curricular work experience into my course through the ‘Working in Film’ module. I wouldn’t have learned about the internship I ended up completing if not for the connections at Anglia Ruskin. I spent three months with the Cambridge Film Festival and gained invaluable experience of the working world during my time there, as well as making fantastic connections to those within the media and film industries. The University is very keen on making sure their students are as employable as possible post-graduation, regularly offering a great deal of opportunities to the student body to enhance their CV.”  
Matthew, BA (Hons) Film and Media Studies