Typographic Research Group

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The Typographic Research Group was instituted to reflect the research interests of the staff of the Graphic Design programme and the international level of research activity in this field at Cambridge School of Art.

We are associated with:

  • The Typographic Research Network
  • St Brides' Library
  • Atypi
  • Typecon
  • The Edward Johnston Foundation


Will Hill is the author of The Complete Typographer (3rd Edn Thames and Hudson 2010), contributing author to Font: the sourcebook (Black Dog 2008) and co-author of Art and Text (Black Dog 2009). He is currently completing a PhD by publication on the theme of Type and Materiality.

Jon Melton's professional background as a traditional designer and art director underpins his academic work that seeks to revive traditional good practice within typography. More specifically his passion for history and for display and ornamented type informs his research which focuses upon key moments in type design evolution - in an attempt to established missed opportunities, forgotten typefaces, or an alternative direction for his typographic time-travel under the guise of his micro font foundry, emfoundry.com. Through investigative practice he has generated a number of typefaces that explore the potential of historically inspired letterforms within contemporary contexts.

Rob Tovey completed his PhD research degree at the Cambridge School of Art in 2012-13. In his time with us he became an invaluable member of the teaching team on the undergraduate Graphic Design course. He remains an active member of the Typographic Research Group and its growing community.

Lisa Kirkham is a typographic designer, who completed a Master's degree in Typographic Design at the Cambridge School of Art in 2008. During this time she developed her interest in children's books and type design, and through her particular projects, she began to explore the idea of 'digital craft'.

Associate members

The work of our research group is enhanced by our working relationships with a number of leading practitioners:

Simon Loxley is a designer and writer on graphic design and typographic history. He is the author of Type, the Secret History of Letters (IB Tauris 2006) and is the editor of Ultrabold, the Journal of the St Bride's Printing Library.

Jeremy Tankard has gained a worldwide reputation for the high quality and unique designs of his typefaces, which include the type families Bliss, Shaker, Kingfisher and Trilogy as well as commissioned typefaces for Christchurch Art Gallery, Sheffield City and Microsoft Corporation. He initially worked with major consultancies, advising and creating typography for some of the best-known international brands before establishing Jeremy Tankard Typography in 1998.

Dale Tomlinson is a graphic designer specializing in book typography, working for a range of clients including Cambridge University Press.