IsCT - Intelligent Systems and Cyber Terrorism

Our research aims to develop intelligent detection and protection schemes for cyber terrorist threat and attacks.

Recent research indicates that the terrorist groups may attempt to destroy critical infrastructures, such as:

  • service-related infrastructure, including electricity supply, water supply and food preservation systems
  • financial institutes, including banks, insurance and financial service tools
  • military installations
  • power plants
  • air traffic control
  • medical infrastructure.

Our researchers have been building intelligent real-time detection and protection schemes for physical violence and terrorist attacks. We have made significant research contributions on phishing attacks for financial institutions, security protocol and botnet attacks, and are currently focusing on possible terrorist attacks on the other critical infrastructures.

Our key publications linked with IsCT

Barraclough, P., Tahir, P., Sexton, M.A., Sexton, G. and Aslam, N., 2013. Intelligent Phishing Detection and Protection Scheme for Online Transactions. Journal of Expert Systems with Applications, 40(11), pp.4697-4706.