ICENI centre

In partnership with Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust, we have created the 'Anglia Ruskin Colchester Hospital ICENI Centre'. This world-class, training and research and development centre for laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery is at Colchester General Hospital.

The ICENI Centre has lecture theatres and seminar rooms and is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation and computers for simulating surgery, demonstrating operations and communicating with other hospitals in the UK and abroad.

Completed in December 2010, it is an inviting, modern, metal clad structure, with state of the art insulation and solar shading - a really good place to train or work in.

The Trust, which consists of Colchester General Hospital and Essex County Hospital, is one of 16 partners in Anglia Ruskin University's Postgraduate Medical Institute (PMI).

Professor Michael Thorne, our Vice Chancellor said:

"The ICENI Centre will build on our long-established relationship with Colchester Hospital Trust. It will enable laparoscopy training to be delivered with a truly international reach, and for new technologies to be developed in conjunction with private and public sector partners. The ICENI Centre will help to address the huge national shortage of laparoscopic surgeons in the UK - and abroad - which will result in more patients receiving the many benefits of this type of surgery."